Lets tell a story about this young innocent girl from a small town in Kenya (Bungoma).
    She grew up as any normal young girl.. being the 1st born of 4 and the eldest. you pretty can guess what she dreamt of as she grew older each passing year.
    So at age of 18 she was in form 3 when she had to drop out of school because of no clarification of why she was expelled.. And boom her life and dreams changed.. #Lets go back and see what was her kind of dreams actually.
    So let’s name her Blue j… We will find out the meaning of her name sometime in the process of her dream i guessπŸ€”πŸ€”.. So like any other young beautiful girl growing up.. she dreamt of woow!! 1st.Getting married to white guy and having beautiful babies i guess 1 or 2..2nd.To have her own business or work. 3rd.Build her own home and just have a happy family like the fairy tale stories 😍😍.. I guess she never dreamt of being princesses because maybe she knew those only existed in fairy tales stories..

    Back to where her life changed.. All outside the high school gate confused and afraid.. You probably asking yourself why afraid yet she could just go home to her parents right?? But nope to her going home was like going to cage of a hungry Lion.. If you had been raised in Kenya and maybe you would understand the phase ‘Nyumbani ni kungori’πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.. So she opted to go to the streets and start over.. it was like all her dreams were shuttered in one single night 😒😒..

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